hye dude!....welcome
well,not much i wanna say....
thanks for visiting..keep in touch

well,looks like i'm out of hands now..my final project has begun. n i have severall project 2 finish up.hope i will make it in time.n i will post all my work on this blog..so stay tune n stay alive..

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 work2 lame yang xsmpat d publish kan....
biase la....
keje bnyak la..
 logo design untuk diploma show semester ini......
tapi................... hmmmmmmmm

actlly,time show pukul keliling 2,aku nak siapkan gmbr ni with paint..tp sbb xsempat,tpaksela siapkat styl digital art..

ni lagi 1 aplikasi vector..
well..hasil kerje time P.K show gak..

this is my lates design of oneinnoCERT

tool: illustrator&photoshop


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